The trials of an imaginary friend!

So it turns out the mentalist may have an imaginary friend (or so I thought) or is fast on the way to becoming an authoritarian figure of sorts, well an imaginary friend other than her stuffed beloved giraffe buttons ( where we still cant go anywhere without the pleasure of his faded, well worn bobble headed rear)

Now buttons has been the mentalists side kick for a good few years, always by her side during those tea parties. this is sometimes attended by a whole host of stuffed animals and myself from time to time. we tend to drink tea and talk about our day at work and school ( who needs a support group when you can unload all your problems onto a stuffed sheep?!)

But as of late it looks as though buttons seems to be taking a back seat, she seems a little more wrapped up in playing with her iPad and talking to Abraham, her ‘friend’.

Just the other day I was working away in the make shift office I have adjacent to the mentalists room when I hear ‘no Abraham, stand in the corner!?’. Hmm.. I thought ‘a little ominous… Meh! ‘ and continued to work. Not long after, as I’m typing away trying to get in to the groove, “no! Bring it to the carpet! Sit down Abraham!”

Meh, I’m sure you misheard…I tell myself as I continue working. “No Abraham lets play shopkeeper shopkeeper”. I pause and listen intently, yet again there is Abraham refusing to play shopkeeper. So naturally i start getting a little worried, diving in to the mentalists room I find her on the bed with her stuffed animals at the foot of the bed. Seeing this almost cult like gathering I ask ” what in gods name is going on here, you’re not summoning anything too unholy are you?!” I’m met with a response can only be described as giggling. As I sit on the bed looming over the mentalist followers (of sorts) i ask what she’s doing.

It seems the mentalist has started emulating her days at school, at home and Abraham appears is probably a boy at school in her class (who by the sounds of it, is not very well behaved)
That cleared up I go back to the office to write another bunch of reports and colour in various spreadsheets, as I walk and begin to get comfortable at my desk I hear a further “Abraham ! Go stand in the corner…”

Darg nabit! Abraham! Do as your told!
This is mr j signing out


The trials of an imaginary friend!

2 thoughts on “The trials of an imaginary friend!

  1. I think it is so lovely when they have imaginary friends. Grace had 3 before she started school – Diblin was the first and then Bertie and Violet came along. I have NO idea where the names came from. They disappeared once she started school. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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