The Art of War

I sit contemplating my next move, surrounded by the remnants and ruins of the Great War. Beads of sweat beginning to form on my brow, streams of day light flooding into a once tidy bedroom reflecting off mirrored butterflies, light hitting me causing me to shrink away and adjust my seating position

My mind beginning to work overtime,
playing various scenarios in my head, thinking about the consequence of each path i choose to take.

Deciding the best course of action is not going to be easy, the air thick with anticipation and a hint of vanilla ( note to self must buy more perfumed diffusers). a sudden tranquility comes over me.. A peace.. The kind I haven’t felt in a long time (well a couple of hours at least ), I let it wash over me allowing it to calm my nerves and focus my thoughts on my next move, bringing forth some wisdom from the greatest war strategist of all time Sun Tzu.

‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting…’

I know now what I must do, I sit contemplating my move. Playing it over and over in my head (well for about 30 seconds) before I realise… I am no longer alone. I feel eyes upon me from afar, watching me, I close my eyes and listen.. Listening for movement, I hear soft steps, footsteps muffled by carpet. The steps are getting closer, eager to put my plan into action I restrain myself waiting for the opportune moment for I fear this may be my only chance. The only chance I will have to restore the balance in my kingdom, to return it to it’s former glory. To once again become the rightful ruler of my once beautiful and peaceful kingdom…

The steps begin to close in fast, the distances between the two of us closing. My eyes shut, my mind and body working as one to pounce and end this once and for all. The steps halt, she’s close and about to make her move I open my eyes to see her in mid swing, the fabled buttons the stuffed giraffe in hand coming close.

I react with lightning speed, grabbing her close and tickling her till she gives in and I am victorious! As my foe lays there smile on her face her cheeks glowing a bright red, I remind her of the terms of her surrender. The one who emerges victorious will be crowned king and will get to watch the iPad, the defeated will clean her room and put her toys and crayons away! I’m met with further laughter as my greatest foe rises in defiance and runs out the room ipad in hand !

I am left again surrounded by Lego and remnants of what was once a barbie doll… I think….

As I sit there I hear a faint giggle … I’m not alone …..

This is Mr J signing out


The Art of War

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