The watch list – Ray Donovan

What’s it all about then, who is this Ray Donovan character, and why should You be spending your valuable time watching season 1 of this show?

Well as per usual lets go to IMDB for the plot :

Ray Donovan, a professional “fixer” for the rich and famous in LA, can make anyone’s problems disappear except those created by his own family. — IMDb Plot: Ray Donovan (2013)

Now I have to be totally honest with you, I was extremely reluctant to watch this series. I wasn’t so much a fan of Liev Schreiber who plays the fixer Ray Donovan, well up until I saw the first couple of episodes and I was hooked.

The story itself revolves around Ray Donovan a fixer who can almost fix and resolve problems for the rich, famous and often undeserving. From the outset Ray comes across as a strong, very put together, smart and calculating protagonist. But the more you watch the more you realise he’s not as put together as he seems. The story itself sets a dark tone from the beginning, even if it is based in the land of milk and honey, the glittering and luxurious surroundings of Los Angeles there is an underlying tone of darkness and filth

Ray Donovan centres around control and manipulation, the reins of control firmly in Rays hands, well up until his father mickey played by Jon Voight gets early release from prison.

As well as being a fixer, Ray is a father, husband and brother. We have the usual medley of problems that tag along with some of these relationships the school problems, teen angst and marriage issues.

The main focus is upon Rays relationship with his brothers, Terry a former boxer dealing with his injuries from being in the ring and Bunchy a disturbed individual suffering from addiction and sexual abuse

And it is this abuse that haunts this band of brothers, a past shared by all three being revealed as the show progresses. this past sprouting further problems that Ray tries to control.

These problems seem to amplify when their estranged father Mickey makes a
Surprise visit, causing a bit of a power battle between Ray and Mickey. The arrival of mickey unlocking a wave of bad memories and a horrible past

In essence the show can be categorised as a thrilling drama, a brilliant cast with some outstanding performances.

So is this worth a watch ? It is indeed, with a whole of stars, twists and drama I’d recommend this to most people who want to see the sleazy side of fame and fortune in LA.

Pros: good story, great cast with some good well rounded performances

Cons: some characters could have been developed a little more

9 out of 10

This is Mr J signing out

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The watch list – Ray Donovan

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