Parents Evening… And Strops

So it’s nearly half term, the mentalist I’d say has pretty much settled into the school routine. Saying that her crankiness levels seem to be hitting new highs, there are a lot of tears and sulking if she doesn’t get her own way. This tends to include the whole falling to her knees and screaming ‘daddddyyyy’! To which I calmly respond with ‘yes dear’ again to which she replies with ‘stop calling me ‘thaaaaa *sob* aaaaaaat!!’

But i think that’s more down to her being tired after a long day at school. I have noticed a few changes in her though, not anything too drastic but she tends to show off her little achievements. Like things she’s drawn or created ( which usually consists of random pieces of paper stuck onto another piece of coloured A4 paper), I often try to instigate conversation with her in order to find out what she did at school on that particular day or ask what she’s eaten. To which 90% of the time I get a smile and a shrug of the shoulders to which I incredulously reply ‘what?! You didn’t eat today?’ To which she giggles and tries to recall what she’s had and what she’s done , which usually results in her stopping mid sentence and running off.

So, the first term of school is over and it’s that time of the year where they call the parents in and give you a view of how your child is doing …. Yes the evening catered to parents, the eve of parents, most of you will also know this eve as the parents evening (*queue dramatic music*). So I stroll in, pleasantly greeted at the door by various teachers, the odd tables littered with drinks and biscuits that people are wary to touch. I tend to go straight for these tables as during most evenings that’s probably the first time I get to eat anything, besides I tend to get there quite early. So after I’ve helped myself to some biscuits and cordial. I look at the time and it’s time to see the teacher, this is aspect of the eve I think is where the nerves start kicking in. Will I get a glowing report? Or will i get the whole, your child is probably one of the most disruptive pupils I have ever encountered in my 39 years in teaching, and let me tell you Mr Jacobs I’ve seen it all!

I sit across from the teacher with bated breath, she smiles and puts me at ease. To my surprise it’s not such a bad evaluation, most of the things she tells me I’m well aware of. Things like her attention span, I know she has a short one and i get told about her addiction to playdoh (which again I am we’ll aware of). Other than that, I get told shes very well behaved and a pleasant member of the class. Which I do hope she is, I do try and instill a sense of being polite and respectful. So I’m glad she’s taken most of it on board.

Coming away from the evening, I do think to myself. Should I be reading so much into this? She’s only 4, she’s still growing, maturing, still trying to understand the big bad world. Personally as important as her development is, I personally feel being the age she is. It’s still a little too early to be worried about things like a short attention span and things. She’s happy, healthy, looks forward to going school, learning and embracing new things.

What more can a proud father ask for?

This is Mr J signing out


Parents Evening… And Strops

4 thoughts on “Parents Evening… And Strops

  1. This took me back a few years…
    My daughters are now all grown up and I can honestly say that I never learnt anything at Parents’ Evening I didn’t already know.
    Your daughter’s only 4 – ah bless, you have many more of these to attend yet!

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