The Pick Up

I think I can well and truly say the mentalist has now settled in to school. She has began to give me a quick summary of what she’s done throughout the day, who she’s played with, what she’s played with (which often involves playdoh, a big fan of playdoh at the moment)

There’s also the school dinners, which I have to admit I was quite nervous about. As she does tend to eat like the Cookie Monster (OM NOM NOM NOM Cookie GONE), now I haven’t encouraged this method of eating… Well … Maybe a little, who doesn’t like the Cookie Monster…right? Now I have given her the whole low down on the knife and fork situation, she knows how to use them and will be a complete lady when she chooses to be. But this lady doesn’t come out very often, she tends to dive in with her hands and sometimes even her face.

So I pick her from school on a daily basis, there’s been the odd occasion where I’ve asked my dad to pick her up, when I’ve had meetings and things at work. Since this has happened, as soon as she comes out her reception class and sees me standing there she greets me with the following ‘ NO DAD! Noo!! I told you! I want grandad to pick me up! Why are YOU here?!?’ To which I smile nervously, and hurry her along while the rest of the parents (mostly consisting of mums) look on. I have noticed, though there are a lot of parents coming to pick up their children there aren’t many fathers or men. And there seems to be a whole clique thing going on, so I tend to people watch and try to decipher which one of the groups is the alpha group. Which ones are the shy and retiring, keep themselves to themselves group. And of course there’s the gossips, I tend to stand close to this group. Though I don’t mean to listen in they are funny.. Anyhoo while I stand there I have David Attenborough’s voice over going over in my head, something along the lines of … The alpha group tends to range from 2-3 members to a maximum of 4. The alpha leader instigating conversation and talking over the others cementing her role as the alpha …

This tends to go on in my head.. Well up until the bell rings and I’m greeted by an angry mentalist!

This is Mr J signing out


The Pick Up

6 thoughts on “The Pick Up

  1. Mammybear84 says:

    My little one starts nursery next sept at the primary I hope she will go to and I can just imagine this happening there too. It’s something I’ve never encountered and even when I was a teacher I was secondary so we rarely saw parents –

    Popping over through #PoCoLo

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