Breaking Dad

It’s 7pm, I’m sitting in my man cave the lights are off, I switch the TV on as it starts up I start to reflect on the past, present and future… Of Breaking Bad! How it all started, how it progressed, escalated and most importantly…How’s it all going to end?!? As I start the penultimate episode, and watch eagerly, excited and nervous on what in gods name is going to happen to Walter white (or hank from Malcolm in the middle for those of you familiar with the show, love hank ).

Perviously on breaking bad …Here we go…

As I watch in anticipation, I hear the basement door creak open. I look to the top of the basement stairs and see a mop of hair staring back at me… I hit the pause button and turn my gaze back to the top of the stairs which now seems to be vacant of hair, I move my gaze further down the stairs and see a shuffling mentalist, buttons (her stuffed giraffe) in hand moving down the stairs. I await her arrival, she stands before me holding buttons by his tail, the end of his tail in her mouth.

Me: well hello, aren’t you supposed to be in bed?
Mentalist: what you watching dad?
Me: you know you shouldn’t really answer a question with another question
Mentalist: why?
Me: *sigh*
Mentalist: can I have a piggy back?
Me: nope!
Mentalist: I want to stay with you
Me: you can’t, look how dark it is outside, it’s bedtime !
Mentalist: are you watching Breaking Bad?
Me: I am
Mentalist: me too ( promptly sits herself down beside me )
Me: whoa whoa whoa, bedtime!! C’mon! up!! Besides I don’t really want you to be THAT good at chemistry!
Mentalist: can I have a donkey ride?
Me: nope!
Mentalist: can I dance dad?
Me: ok ok.. 5 minutes
Mentalist: watch me!!
Me: I’m watching
(Queue 5 minutes of slow ballet like movements with a lot of spinning around and falling to the floor)
Me: that was glorious! C’mon! BED!!
Mentalist: Can I have some water dad?
Me: sure there’s some right there
(Now at this point she sits and slowly sips her water, watching me intently as I watch her swirl the water in the glass)
Mentalist: Daaaaad?
Me:(frustration starting to build) Yes…
Mentalist: when I was a little girl…
Me: Never mind that …bed!!
Mentalist: will you pick me up?
Me: Noo my shoulder hurts.. and you weigh a ton!
Mentalist: *giggles*
Me: Right I’m going!
Mentalist: ok.. Can you play breaking bad for me, before you go?
Me: il give you breaking bad.. Grr…
(At this point I pick her up, swing her over my shoulder as she laughs maniacally)

As I walk up two flights of stairs, the mentalist singing some ditty from school, my thoughts return back to Breaking Bad.. My excitement returning, anticipation building…

I plonk her in bed, tuck her in kiss her goodnight and return to the man cave! I settle in, grab the remote, glass of water in hand ready to watch. Before I hit play, i hear the familiar now terrifying sound of the basement door creaking open, the mentalist runs down the stairs…

Mentalist : I forgot baby buttons
Me: well you have him now … Can you please go to bed?
Mentalist: can I have a piggy back?
Me: (holds my head in my hands)

For those of you not in the breaking bad circle as of yet, where have you people been?!? Give it a whirl, I promise you you will not be disappointed.

This is Mr J signing out


Breaking Dad

7 thoughts on “Breaking Dad

  1. Looks like I’ll have to download the series at some point to watch. Keep hearing amazing reviews. Anyway I’ve just about given up watching the box itself as the kids are a nightmare in the evenings….

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