First Week of School – The Aftermath

Well the mentalist has been at school now for two whole weeks.. Bare in mind it’s still a half day. I have to say as anxious as I was about her settling in and mingling with the other children, I needn’t have worried.

She’s settled in perfectly fine and actually looks forward to going school. She’s made a few new friends, though she hasn’t formerly introduced herself as of yet as she still doesn’t know their names, but certainly does point out children in her class exclaiming ‘look daddy, she’s my friend!’. To which I respond ‘ oh that’s nice, so what’s her name?’ To which she shrugs her shoulders and replies… ‘I don’t know?’ Isn’t it quite something when kids come together, play together spend a good few hours together, enjoy each others company and leave, all with smiles on their faces!

So in order to get her to break the ice, I have asked her to introduce herself, taught her how to give a good hearty handshake (at this point I was tempted to put in a whole sequence of hand gestures and shakes, ending in a high five. But I don’t want everyone thinking she’s too out there.. Well not quite yet anyway) and introduce herself with a strong ‘Hi, I’m the mentalist… What’s your name?’ We’ve rehearsed this a few times, but she always tends to break into song when introducing herself (I probably make matters worse by joining in and finishing off with good old jazz hands).

Anyhoo, I’m happy to report the mentalist has settled in, made new friends… In a manner of speaking and hasn’t come home too cranky. But am I speaking too soon? Am I counting my chickens? It is next week when she starts her full days, I envision a whole new level of crankiness when she comes home. But I shall play it by ear and see how it goes…

This is Mr J signing out


First Week of School – The Aftermath

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