First day of school

It’s been 4 years 2 months and 15 days since the mentalist came into my world and turned it all upside down. And it’s been an eventful few years I have to say a good mix of laughs, drama, tantrums, a whole lot of love, and a hell of a lot of tears! And that’s just been me!

So what’s got me reminiscing? Recalling the past? A little nostalgic even? Well my mentalist is starting school, she’s reached the grand old age of 4. And it’s time to get her in her uniform give her some words of advice like ‘try avoiding breaking out into song every 5 minutes’ and the ever important ‘try not to be shy’. The shy bit is quite a big thing for my mental one, as with most children they tend to hide their little personalities away in the presence of new people or children their own age.

So how am I feeling about the whole school thing? I don’t really know, I think it’s hit me that she’s grown up so much so quickly. Which still feels like a very short space of time, I look at her and see how excited she is, it fills me with joy on the one hand. on the other I think she can’t already be 4? It feels like only yesterday, I held her on my arms for the very first time thinking… Wow I made this … She’s beautiful… Am I holding her right? …. What’s that smell….?! Time does fly, it makes me question whether I spend enough time with my children, will they remember their father as a loving, doting, handsome individual of a man? Lets hope so!

I look over at her, parading around in her school uniform. Insisting I take pictures of her, so she can show all her grandparents and aunts. I look at my watch… Nearly time … I think! I seem to be more nervous than she is, as the time comes for school. I put her shoes on, grab her school bag and take one last look at her. To my surprise she gives me a hug, leaves the front door as i watch through the window. She waves at me and flashes me a smile, as she leaves from being my little girl, and jumps on the road to becoming a young lady…

This is Mr J signing out


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First day of school

11 thoughts on “First day of school

    1. Ah, it does.. With the uniforms and things. But emotionally I think nursery takes more mental prep! The moment you drop them off, the walk out the nursery to your car will probably be one of the longest walks you’ll ever take. But you’ll be fine, especially when she comes home and tells you how much fun she had ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. i am reading this with tears in my eyes – i am such an emtional wreck at the moment – as my 4 years 2 months and so many days boy starts school a week on monday and i am not dealing with it very well (inside). as you say i am excited for this new chapter in his life but i am sad that our time together is coming to an end and i have to let him go.
    they will both be fine wont they? and so will we…….eventually
    thank you for linking up x x

  2. stephaniearsoska says:

    Ah it is such a big step isn’t it! I think I will be emotional when my youngest goes as that will mark a real end to the babyhood period of life for us as a family. I hope she had a good start.

  3. They should make schools easier for mothers – like we can stay as long as we want to to help them settle in. I’m not ready – and I’ve only got a weekend left.
    Hope she enjoys her first year.

  4. judithkingston says:

    The start of a new adventure! Although it is a bit sad when they get all grown up, I do find it so much fun to see them discovering the world and finding out what they make of it.

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