Writers Update

So I started this blog in the hopes of being published, this goal/objective/milestone/dream Is kind of two fold. I’m looking either for one of my screen plays to be taken up by a studio (which I think is a long shot, looking at the masses of competition out there) or convert one of the screenplays to a novel and self publish (which is a more achievable goal I think.)

So what stage am I at? I hear you ask in wonderment and anticipation… Perhaps a little bored of my droning…

Well, so far I have written two screenplays. Both thrillers, both stories quite unique (well I think so anyway… I may be totally wrong but I do think I’m quite objective when it comes to assessing my work, besides I do get put in my place when I get feedback off the people that actually review my work) I’m currently in the middle of another..

I’m actually thinking of putting one of the screen plays up, a few pages each week just to see the general reaction from yourselves my dear bloggers. But it’s just a thought as of yet, a thought that I would certainly like your opinion/feedback on.

Anyway, the main reason for this post was just to give you guys a heads up on the various opportunities that are available with the BBC.

They basically have various workshops, and opportunities to submit your work. Every month seems to be quite different, some times offering workshops providing help and advice on potential scripts to novels. Other aspects include script submissions for various competitions and things. As well as holding a library of helpful hints tips and resources, do go check it out.

This is Mr J signing out


Links and all that jazz;
BBC writers room

Writers Update

4 thoughts on “Writers Update

  1. My OH writes screenplays and has also written a book – The Hardcore Truth, the Bob Holly biograhy. Crossing our fingers he gets one of his screenplays accepted. Good luck with yours. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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