Food Wars

Healthy eating?! What’s that all about eh? When I was growing up all I had was some meat and a few bones to go with it! All bought with the 50p I had in my pocket, which I earned working a 24 hour shift with these very hands! And that 50p use to run the house for a month!! Now give her some proper food!

Quote – my father

Yes father, I say. Trying to shovel some food into the mentalists mouth! Imploring her nay, begging her to take a mouthful as my parents watch me trying to feed my youngest.

I lost this battle before meal time, I think to myself as I smell the faint aroma of cheese strings on her breath. Note to self: move the cheese strings out of reach… I’m full daddy! She says, as I look at the full plate of food before her.

At this point, she gets a stern warning from her firm but fair father (me). That she’s not going anywhere until shes finished her plate. Right on queue she gives the old puppy dog eyes to my mother, who pushes me aside and insists she’ll feed the mentalist.

I watch my mother, coax the mental one into eating something. Well, up until she drags my mother to her room for a quick bout of colouring. Is it me or is this feeding thing getting more and more difficult? All she wants to do is watch ceebeebies and gorge on anything cheese related!

As they both come down the stairs, mentalist clutching her latest masterpiece. ‘Look daddy!’ ‘That’s nice’ I respond,’what is it?’ I ask. ‘Its me and it’s you, eating mash’ now I know where this is going as I look over at the abandoned plate of veg on the table.

‘Can I have mash and some beans daddy?’ At which point my mother promptly moves to the pantry and starts prepping. I hang my head in defeat looking over at my daughter.. Grin on her angelic face, adjusting her mop of a bob… Well played mental one.. Well played…

So how do your kiddies defeat your sense of purpose to get their own way?

This is Mr J signing out


Food Wars

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