The Watch List – The Conjuring

As a rule I tend to stay away from most horror movies, not because I’m scared, frightened or afraid of nightmares… After all I am a man grr!! (Bares teeth and flexes muscles)

I just get tired of the same age old formula, you expect something like…a creaky door followed by a long pause then the usual demon, possessed victim or spiritual entity popping out giving you a little jump. I think most of us can usually predict when and where the next jump and/or scare is going to come from. Especially when it’s based around a haunted house, with the ever present basement… As no haunted house is complete without spooky basement.

So what’s it all about? Lets first move onto IMDB for the plot line..

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. — IMDb Plot: The Conjuring (2013)

So the movie itself is based on true events, but more on that later. The story revolves around the Perron family who move into the house and as per usual start hearing things go bump in the night, as well as the usual initial sightings of strange figures.

The story itself is two fold, on the one hand we are given a quick glimpse into the lives of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine. Kind of like the ghostbusters for the paranormal, disproving any fakery and helping those being haunted by evil spirits.

On the other side we have the Perron family who move into this home and gradually begin to experience a lot of supernatural occurrences. As usual, starting with the children. Then moving on to the adults, needless to say we have the formulaic and usual case of jumps, scares, possessions, exorcisms and ghostly figures.

So is it any good? The answer.. Well it’s a mixed bag. We have some good scenes, a little jumpy at times and tells the story more from the paranormal investigators viewpoint rather than the Perron family.

It does sometimes feel like there is a little too much going on, bouncing from one family to the other with some references made throughout the film that don’t really tie in. For me it was a little too predictable, it’s all been done before many a time and in most cases done a whole lot better.

Now back to the ‘based on true events’ tag line …

What I think puts me off these kinds of film, is the whole ‘based on true events’ tag line. For a movie like this I always think the truth is bent a whole lot, or a small element of the truth is used to justify the based on true events caption. Probing into the back story further, I did learn that the Perron family have backed the movie.

Explaining the movie does paint a realistic and accurate portrayal of life in the house. Oh and one of the sisters has published three books about growing up in the house. So as you can imagine, they are speaking very publicly about their time growing up in that house and speaking a lot about the movie.

So I guess it’s down to you dear blogger whether you think these things actually happened or is it a convenient way to promote your book and make some extra cash (cha-ching!).

So all in all, some good bits a whole load of predictable bits and a so-so storyline.

5 out of 10

This is Mr J signing out

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The Watch List – The Conjuring

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