Haunted memories

So, a while ago I took a picture on my phone. A picture which my daughter, the mentalist, found and has ultimately kicked off a, lets call it, “phase”. More on this phase later, what is this photo I hear you ask?

Well for the past couple of years I’ve been renovating my home. Not exactly the extreme makeover home edition type renovation but close. I’ve gone through the whole caboodle of knocking down walls, rewiring, plumbing, tanking! You name it and it’s probably been done ! Never again let me tell you ! NEVER!!

Well… Maybe a little ..

So this is a picture of my landing, looking into one of the rooms where I’ve photoshopped a spectre, a ghostly figure (with an app of some sort. I can’t remember what it’s called) When I did show this to my friends and family, they outright refused to come to my home (especially my mother ) great I thought! They’ll leave me alone to get on with what I have to do, and not give constant tours around the utter shell of a mess which was my home. On these tours I’d hear a constant barrage of disbelief and disapproval. Muttering things like ‘he’ll never get this done’ and my favourite… ‘worst renovation idea…everr’

Well needless to say the house is more or less done and as with any home, the adventures in DIY. There’s always something to do! (And always something to break).

But I digress, back to the picture. The mentalist found it on my phone and asked ‘Daddy … Was this ghost here when I was a little girl?’ And I reply .. ‘My dear mentalist, you’re still my little girl and yes there was a ghost. And she’ll come back if you don’t finish your food and be a good girl’.

Now, this seems to have opened some door in the mental ones head. Or it could be mere coincidence, she’s starting to check her cupboards for ghosts and now she has an imaginary friend who I haven’t met as yet but I shall disapprove of this friend in a fatherly way especially if it’s a boy!

So this imaginary friend and all the ghost talk reminds me of the time I played a similar prank on my sister (@notmyyearoff – her twitter and blog documenting my little nephews adventures) telling her our kitchen was haunted by some bearded dude. Where I once, just before she woke, crept into the kitchen and left the doors to all the drawers and cupboards open. As you can imagine she kind of freaked out and I got into a little trouble.

It is amazing though, how the lives of my children’s day to day is bringing back memories of my own childhood and how it does leave one a little nostalgic of days gone by. So, I’m sure I’ll be introduced to the mentalists new found friend sometime soon, I shall keep you all upto date if that ever does happen!

So my dear bloggers … Question of the day:

What have your kids, friends, family done recently to take you to the heady heights of nostalgia?

This is Mr J signing out

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Haunted memories

9 thoughts on “Haunted memories

  1. it is a spooky looking photo! i can see why people thought it was a ghost! and i did not know Tas’s brother had a blog too! hello!
    good luck with the rennovations and thank you for linking up x

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