The watch list – The Great Gatsby

As well as writing, housekeeping, working and trying to keep control of the brats, I watch a lot of movies and tv shows. So I thought I’d throw in a few reviews once in a while.. So here goes … What have I watched recently …

The great gatsby

Well for starters I know this is a remake, i know its based on a novel but I have never seen the original (starring Robert Redford), but like everything I watch I thought hmm lets check out good old IMDB first see what it’s all about. For some reason i kind of imagined it to be a heist movie.. Anyhoo imdb’s plot description :

A Midwestern war veteran finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbor. — IMDb Plot: The Great Gatsby (2013)

Now for me, not a very appealing plot line, but I thought hey il give it a whirl. So I start watching.. As soon as I see the characters on screen and the glamorous and extravagant sets, It makes me think. I’ve seen this type of exaggerated style and glamour before… It reminded me of the movie moulin rouge, now this can’t be a coincidence I thought. So back to IMDB and lo and behold they have the same director Baz Luhrmann

Now the story i thought was quite good the story is told by Mr Gatsby’s neighbour a quiet man who lives in a simple modest home. His home overshadowed by the vast palace like mansion that is gatsby manor, who throws these lavish parties. No one is ever invited everybody just attends, well all except Nick Carraway our narrator and neighbour who is the only one to have ever received an invitation.

While attending the party he meets a whole host of people, and hears rumours of how Mr Gatsby became so rich and famous. He finally meets Mr Gatsby, but there is something strange about this rich millionaire, something you cant quite put your finger on… What does he want? Why was Nick the only person to receive an invite.. All these questions to plague your mind.

But my dear bloggers I shall leave you to uncover the rest of the story on your own.

In essence at it’s core the story is one of love, romance and intrigue. A tale of star crossed lovers, the cast was mostly spot on especially Joel edgerton who gives an outstanding performance as Tom Buchanan. Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of Nick Caraway I thought was a little lacking, too underplayed and a little too wide eyed.

The rest of the cast was eclectic and well presented, a few cameos thrown in there for good measure. Look out for Bollywood actor Amitabh Batchan

The soundtrack in my opinion is very hit and miss, it ranges from lana del ray’s summertime sadness to will I am’s bang bang which in some instances didn’t really flow with the movie itself. (Especially if the movie was supposed to be set in 1922)

So did I like the movie?

I loved the excess, extravagance and the dreamscape Baz Luhrmann attempts to paint for the viewer. The costumes and sets were exquisite and gave a punch to the senses.

But the movie itself? Well that I think was let down by some of it’s cast, the story played out well but some poor visuals and CGI as well as some horrible choices in music let it down.

So in summary… still worth a watch but don’t expect it to blow your mind. If you liked moulin rouge you’ll love this!

So bear in mind i have not seen the originaI, nor have i read the novel. give it a good 6 out of 10

This is Mr J signing out

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The watch list – The Great Gatsby

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