Shopping for ideas

As I stand next to a mannequin in monsoon trying to blend into the chique surroundings, while my mentalist tries on some shoes. I look over at the many shoppers bustling in and out of the aisles going through various racks, just daydreaming really…

And bang a whole litter of shoes are on the floor surrounding my mental one, a grin spread across her angelic face. I immediately look up and see one of the shop girls looking over and I think uh oh she’s going to think I’m an unfit parent.

I can imagine the looks and judgement, I’m already being eyed up by a number of customers who’ve stopped in their tracks to watch the drama unfold. I can see it now the pointed accusations, the shouting, the uproar… ( I kind of want this to happen so I can end the scene with phrase ala Ron burgundy …’well that escalated quickly’)

‘Can I have these ones dad?’ She says as I scramble on the floor picking up the various shoes and placing them where they need to go. ‘Okay okay… Give me a minute. Can you help me please?’ As I expect the answer is a straight no followed by ‘you do it daddy!’

As I begin to place them, the shop girl comes over asking whether I’m ok, I explain ‘yes … Fine. I think my little one has found some shoes though!’ *queue nervous laugh* the shop girl looks over at the mentalist who is doing a sort of waltz with the shoes (don’t ask me where she gets her moves ! I have no clue!). The shop girl laughs and says she’ll sort the shoes, I decline and insist on putting them back in place, shop girl seems relieved and walks back to her station.

Phew ! I think… Then I think back to the shop girl and the day she must’ve had, then I look at a shopper and think hmm the day they must’ve had … Then I think hmmm there’s story here somewhere and the little disaster turns into a potential script or story… Thank you mental one ! (Who’s now wandered off into the changing rooms..)

So ideas… Be it for a new story, novel or even your blog. Seem to come from all sorts of places, events and even disasters. But are these ideas any good? Sure I have an idea but can I integrate characters, a plot, a beginning, a middle and an end to this idea? Well I suppose only time will tell, or wait up until you get the chance to put down your ideas and drill through the events leading up to your ending.

But this is often not the case, sometimes as good as an idea seems it doesn’t pan out the way you want. You get stuck, think gah! That’ll never work, the reader isn’t stupid, nor do they want to read something as silly as this! I’ve had many of those moments where I just shelve the whole project. But saying that I’ve gone back to some of those shelved ideas and borrowed aspects and scenes for another script, so not a total loss ( so don’t ever entirely delete or scrap something, you never know you may be able to use it for spare parts)

Anyhoo, today’s question of the day my dear bloggers! What’s the weirdest or most memorable way you’ve generated an idea!

This is Mr J signing out !


Shopping for ideas

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