Time and motivation

Well.. Im off work for a while and it starts off as any other day when I’m at home, with a stuffed giraffe being pushed into my face. With the mentalist singing some obscure pop song she’s heard off the radio using lyrics from the wheels on the bus ( in case you are wondering this week it’s a mash up of Tom Odell’s another love with wheels on the bus)

Now from this wake up call, we have the business as usual rigmoral of breakfast… Well I say breakfast but it’s more a manipulative battle, trying to get my youngest to eat something healthy. Needless to say its a battle I always lose, as I lick my wounds, scrape off the remnants of breakfast off myself and the surrounding walls i make another quick change.

I think about my agenda for the day:
Mentalist fed, bathed and watered (check)
Brat happy and content .. Well he’s watching top gear so …check !
DIY – painting the fences (thank The Lord it’s raining so… Check)
Indoor DIY ( I need paint and it’s raining.. So il leave that for another day ..check)
The laundry – hmm the laundry basket is kind of full but not THAT full, I’m sure it’ll keep … well up until dinner time anyway… Check
household chores.. (Runs finger over various surfaces checking for dust) meh it’s fine! … Check
Finally last on the agenda… Writing?

Whenever I think about writing, I go through a whole host of questions.
Will I have enough time?
Am I in the right frame of mind to put my thoughts down on paper?
Am I in the right mindset to capture the correct tone of the scene I’m planning to write?
Should I eat first?
Where did I leave my laptop again?
Should I start season two of falling skies now or later?
Should I eat a packet of Worcester sauce French fries?

You get the general gist, don’t get me wrong. Once I sit down laptop in hand I can write forever, it’s just getting the motivation to sit down and do it.
Some days are easier than others though, some days I can’t wait to get it all down! And review what I’ve written with some sense of achievement… Like wow three paragraphs! All hail the wordsmith of a new generation, from this day forth we shall commemorate this! For on this day these three paragraphs were revealed onto thee…

Well something like that, maybe a little less dramatic.. Anyhoo as I sit laptop In hand, fingers eager to get typing… The sound of ceebeebeeies and mr blooms nursery blaring in the background. My question to you today is… How…oh how my dear bloggers do you motivate yourselves…to sit down and write?

This is Mr J signing out…
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Time and motivation

3 thoughts on “Time and motivation

  1. I keep a list of things I want to write about, write a little bit most days, have a flurry of activity every so often – but mainly it’s that old chestnut of a ‘deadline’ ! I wait until I have to do it, and then that motivates me 🙂 I’m the same though, once I actually sit down and start, I love it and can write for ages x #PoCoLo

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