How do you write yours?

Now, I think a lot of us go through a process where we come up with an idea or a number of ideas for a potential story or script. Some of those work and some of them kinda just fizzle out, but what’s your process?

Do you write on a notepad, do you use your phone to jot down bits and bobs, do you write on your walls much to the annoyance of your flat mates or significant other? If so then call this helpline… 0800 ineedhelp.. I kid

For myself I go through a number of phases, I usually start with my phone. Making the odd note here and there. I tend to write down potential scenes. At this point though I kind of know where I want the story to go and write down potential endings. Once I think I’m ready I grab the trusty pen and notepad and start creating my character profiles.. Which takes aaaages, for me naming my characters is probably one of the hardest things.
For example if I was to think of a name now .. Lets go for jake … Jake… Wasowsky… ? No relation to mike wasowsky ! That’ll never work… How about jake .. Roberts (wasn’t that a wrestler? Jake the snake Roberts??) see what I mean?

Anyhoo, it’s once I have the characters down I tend to jump on to Celtx (see my earlier blog – resources and revelations) and start developing and writing it all down. For me I have the time line in my head about what’s going to happen and when, do I ever deviate from this process? I do tend to, on some days I do feel like I need to write everything down the best ways to work for me are as follows :

Create a mind map – which is a visual representation of your story and ideas. This helps get those creative juices flowing.

Use wallpaper – okay not the wall paper you have already stuck to your walls at home. Just the back side of any rolls you have left at home or lining paper, use it to note your ideas down. Stick it up, sit back and use it to arrange a timeline. Basically get everything down in one place on one large sheet (two or three if your feeling that adventurous)

Use your phone – keep adding bits to a notepad or anything similar on your phone. You can chop and change things at a push of a button or strokes these days .. Technology eh?!

I think those are probably my top three, are there any other ways to collate your ideas and write your stories? Well the answer to that question is … No! Ok ok calm down people, there are probably a few hundred different ways!

so the question remains my dear bloggers….

How do you write yours? Please leave your responses beloooww…

This is Mr J signing out


How do you write yours?

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