Managing your expectations..

In an earlier blog, I wrote that I had sent one of my scripts to amazon studios. I received an email from them just the other day advising:

Thank you again for creating your project, at Amazon Studios. The option and evaluation period is now over, and we have chosen not to exercise or extend our option on your project.

Since you submitted your original work privately, you may now either make it public, by clicking “Make project public” on your project page

What?!? You aren’t taking up my script?!? ( he says slamming the laptop shut, pacing up and down as he continues his rant in anger and frustration, much to the amusement of the resident mentalist – my 4 year old)

Now, initially it does feel like rejection.. Hell it is a rejection dang nabit! But hey life goes on, I think the first rejection is the hardest. See at this point your piece of work you’ve slaved tirelessly over morphs into something quite close to your heart. And that piece has just been rejected, cast away, thrown asunder, abandoned, shunned by the very people you had your hopes pinned on.

How am I going to purchase my 24ft yacht now? The image of your 8 bedroom house in the country seems to evaporate and dissolve into disillusion and disappointment. But hey many a great writer have had their work rejected by publishing houses and companies, wasn’t it jk Rowling who was rejected by no less than 12 publishing agencies.

Well maybe you aren’t exactly jk Rowling, but one can hope that one day your works will be published and given the appropriate recognition, so bring back the dreams of the yacht and that house in the country…

For you may have to dream before your dreams can come true.
– A Kalam

Now, I think I have my expectations in check. Well up until the next rejection… I kid, I think there will always be a bit of a sting when you do get turned down. But I do honestly thing that’s a good thing, for this humble blogger it makes me just that little bit eager to get published.

So ladies and gents what have we learnt.. Moral of today’s story? Hmm how about …

It’s not have how many times you fall down, it’s how many times you get up
– Albert Einstein

I think that sums it up quite nicely, so until next time my dear bloggers.

This is Mr J signing out.

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Managing your expectations..

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