The waiting game …

Here I sit, script in hand eager to hand it off to a studio. They in turn will tell me how amazing it is, how I’ve single handedly saved the film industry from falling In to further decline. They will present me with a large cheque, taking care of all my bills, worries and woes…

Ah if only, but one can dream… Or write a screen play about it !

Truth of the matter is, I am probably a needle in an ever growing haystack. Lets be honest, there are hundreds if not thousands of scripts out there that are amazing. But mine are not being picked up.. Why? I hear you cry out in outrage and suspicion..

Because my dear blogger no matter how good you are at writing there is always some one better. Maybe someone more deserving. Maybe your big break will come, maybe it won’t? Maybe what you have is gold but is not right for the studio at the time … Well that is this humble bloggers opinion …

What I’m trying to say is .. Don’t give up, if you believe In your work, in your script, in your novel. Then stick to it.. Keep handing it out. It may just be a matter of time. And hey if you don’t hear back from studios, companies, publishers… You can hold fast and tight in the belief that yes I tried, I may have fallen but I tried.. What’ve you done today?

Besides you can always look back at your script and think yes, I did that.. I created this. Maybe bind it and stick it in your office, give it pride of place.

So back to my dilemma.. I have a script, What do I do now..?

Well here’s what I did I googled my rear end off trying to find out the options I have …

So far here is what I’ve found.. We can either email agents who in turn will email the studios on your behalf. But now that all depends on If the agent is willing to take on your work, that is another mountain to climb altogether. I have yet to try this approach.. But wi will keep you updated..

Alternatively we have people like amazon studios, from what I’ve read a fairly new venture. Accepting scripts for movies and potential soaps and series. They take your details, you get to upload your material and you go through a 45 day evaluation and option period, where you basically give your consent to this studio to market it to their people (studios and such). During this 45 day period, amazon own the rights to your script. Once the option period is over and they don’t take it on board. The rights to your script belong to you again. There are some further terms and conditions thrown in there but that’s the gist of it.

Now, where am I with all this I hear you ask? I’ve submitted a script to amazon. Just to try my luck, I actually did this awhile ago.

I shall keep you posted on what the outcome is I should be hearing any day now …

Amazon in turn have commissioned a few tv series and cartoons, do go check it out

Well I think I’ve waffled enough for today. Stay tuned for more updates

This is Mr J signing out

Links and all that jazz:

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The waiting game …

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