So it begins…

Well… that is a little bit of a lie, I began some time ago… writing that is. We’re not talking decades or years, just a few months ago. Thinking back, I do wish I had started years ago, now I’ve started writing I can’t stop, much to the annoyance of my family and friends…

So where did it all begin I hear you cry out? Well sit down, grab a brew, and get yourself comfortable… actually it’s not that long of a story so remain standing if you wish, maybe grab a glass of water? Have you had your 8 pints a day (he says smugly, taking a sip out his ice cold glass of H2O)?

So… where did it all begin… there are a whole host of reasons as to why I started writing. Some I will share, some I think I’ll leave for another day. The main reason to start writing was the fact that I love movies, and I always think and wonder in amazement how mere words on a page or book are translated on to the big screen. I mean how do they do that… okay so in some instances it hasn’t been as successful *Cough* Lovely Bones *Cough*. But let’s be honest book to movie adaptations are difficult, you can’t please everyone or in some instances anyone!

Anyway… I digress… why I started writing… I’ve always wanted to pen a script. For the last 5 years I’ve been writing one, but I’ve been writing it in my head. On the long commutes to work, I use to sit and think about the plot, the scenes, and the characters. I always said… I WILL WRITE THIS DOWN. And that was a promise made to myself probably more than 5 years ago. And a lot has happened since those lazy days on the train, life moves on carries you forward. Throws a whole number of obstacles in your path as well as a few bundles of joy.

So what kick started me into writing? An injury… a football injury. Which caused me to be house bound for a while. I couldn’t drive or work so thought… hey! Why not catch up on some of the great soaps out there, so as I sat there arm in sling. Watching the Forbrydelsen the original Danish version of The Killing, a brilliant show with a brilliant cast. Now don’t get me wrong am not going to turn around and bore you with how remakes should be banned and never be attempted… im actually enjoying the American version. Loving the little twists they’ve added to keep it their own. Anyway do check out the original… you won’t be disappointed

So where was I again? Ah yes… watching Forbrydelsen. It kind of bought my plans to write a script to the surface, so there I sat thinking over the various scenes again. And I started making notes, on my 4 year old daughter’s (known only as the mentalist) Hello Kitty pad. Which she wasn’t too happy about, so it started there.

It then moved onto the next stage… typing it up… (Ill cover tools and resources in another post, I won’t bore you too much on my first post). So I started typing, and honestly… it turned into a little bit of an obsession. I had so many ideas, so many scenes… I wanted them out of my head and onto the script before they vanished. And lo and behold, after many tears of blood and frustration. I finished! My first ever script! Done! Dusted! Finito!

But is it any good? Ah! The age old question…? Are you a good writer? Can you capture peoples imagination from the word go? Will they carry on reading after the first 10 pages?

I certainly think so! After all… I wrote the damn thing… I birthed the idea. I pain stakingly raised it from a few ideas on a page to a full grown heaping pile of pages, each containing gold!! But… but… will it be any good? Will people enjoy it? What if they don’t like it? Am I a failure..?

The questions and emotions above are what I went through, how did I overcome this? I got a few avid readers. friends and family to give it a read. And let me tell you… you better prepare to become a little thick skinned. The feedback I got was a mixed bag… some liked it. Some gave up reading it…

What does this mean? Am I a failure..? For me… personally it was a chance to polish what little skill I have, going back to the drawing board. Changing some scenes, changing some dialogue… I suppose it comes down to how bad do you want it? How bad do you want to be published?

So I did just that, draft after draft I changed things… until finally I was happy with it…

So I have a finished script… now what?

Well… stay tuned… More in the next post…

This is Mr J signing out

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So it begins…

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